Customer Testimonials

Scott has been a true partner and someone I know I can always count on. We have worked together for 30+ years and I knew that when he started Xpert Tradeshow Carpet I could rely on Scott and his team to provide the same level of service that I have come to expect. Our partners are an extension of Derse. He has not missed a beat and continues to provide a high level of service and quality products.

Thanks again, Rich, for the help at AT&T - the client and AE are very happy, I appreciate you going above and beyond and taking such good care of us in such a short timeline!

I have cc Scott who owns XTS Carpet. I highly recommend you get your carpet for E3 through Scott.

Also, Becky - it meant a lot to all here that Scott showed up and gave onsite guidance. Big confidence payoff for you guys to the power brokers in-house here so let him know that too.

Thank you. The client loved the carpet!

You and the Xpert team were there when we needed you. GPJ recognizes Xpert for stepping in at the last minute to give us the service VW expects at the price we can afford. Well done! As we wrap up this season we look forward to another successful year in 2013-2014.

Thanks for being so enjoyable to work with!

It's been a pleasure working with you - It's difficult to find a company that offers the mix of reliability and affordability that XTS has given us, and I'm grateful for that.

Megan, you really are so good to us!! Thank you for dealing with all of our last minute and crazey requests, and good lord at all times of the day and night!! You rock girl!!

Thanks for your quick response, Becky. Appreciate it. Of course, that was always one of your strengths!!!

You definiteliy define "amazing customer service" Megan! We truly appreciate you looking out for us, and this is why we LOVE partnering with you...You are great!

First of all, a great big thank you for outstanding quality of carpet and service!

Becky, a big thank you for your over and beyond effort on these flooring packages. Kudos to your team on a great SPI, your install guys are excellent and we hope to leverage their skill more as we continue to grow.

I wanted to mention that I really appreciated Art. He came out to work on and check on the carpet. Not only did he take care of the install problems, but he also helped with some adjustments we were trying to make at the time he stopped by. Great service and another reason why I will contact you later in the year for more carpet!