Mike Fedash
Mike Fedash

Carpet Xpert

Scott Glicksberg

Mike has been in the tradeshow industry for 30 years. Starting as a driver back in 1983, his hard work ethic and problem solving initiative raised him to a foreman of installations all across the country. Mike takes the most pride in the custom work. Custom make up work is a specialty at XTSC and we are thrilled to have our Xpert Mike as warehouse manager over-seeing the crucial production department. He enjoys the fact that he can take our clients dreams and creations (whether spelled out CAD drawings or rough sketched ideas) and make them a reality! Mike's experience in this industry is invaluable to us as he truly has 'done it all'. His most memorable show? 1994 Los Angeles Auto Show. Mike and Scott were in a downtown LA hotel when the massive 1994 earthquake rocked Los Angeles County.

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